10 September 2014

Monton - a new fashion-brand opening soon in “AFIMALL City”


10th of September 2014.  New fashion-brand Monton will open a new store in “AFIMALL City”.

A new store will be launched at the 1st of October, total leased area is about 150 sq m. Monton is offering trendy and cosmopolitan, city formal look for self-confident men and women aged 25 years and above, who dare to be quirky and playful in their fast-paced life and value a quality fashion brand interpreting global fashion trends in its own unique way.

Monton brand was launched in 2002 and by now it is Baltika Group’s largest brand. Monton collection is sold in over 50 stores in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. First franchise shop in Spain, Tenerife, opens in August 2014. Through e-store the brand is also catching the attention of fashionistas all over Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

Most of the models are sewed in Estonia, some of them are imported from the world's leading manufactures.  


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