ODINBURG residential district (Odintsovo)

  • Type: Residential
  • Company share: 100%
  • GBA, (sqm): 836 955
  • GLA, (sqm): 16 800
  • GSA, (sqm): 481 560
  • Parking, units: 4 563
  • Status: Construction stage


The ODINBURG residential district is located in the town of Odintsovo, a modern area considered to be one of the best and most environmentally clean towns in the Moscow region. The entire residential district takes up an area of 33.14 hectares, which will host eight 8-to-25 story buildings. The residential element will offer almost 9,000 Comfort-Plus class apartments and a total sellable area of 450,208 sq.m. (Company share).

UA 2014The development of the residential district will include multi-functional infrastructure comprising of 2 schools, 2 kindergartens, a medical centre, a library equipped with a computer lab, sport centres, a beauty salon, a club for teenagers, and a children's sport school amongst other facilities.

According to the development strategy, the project involves a construction of a multi-storey residential micro district consisting of two phases:

•Phase I – construction of a 22-section residential building, named Korona (Crown), construction of infrastructure (Kindergarten, School) with total sellable area of 149,432 sq.m. (2,620 apartments);

•Phase II – construction of 8 residential buildings, construction of infrastructure (Kindergarten, school, outdoor multi-level parking) with total sellable area of 319,775 sq.m. (6,247 apartments).

Each phase includes commercial premises on the ground floor that are planned to be disposed to end users.

The design of the ODINBURG micro district has been approved by the government of the Moscow region.

During 2012, the Company received approval for the design documentation and the construction permit for phase I which is valid until May 30 2017.


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