First Deputy CEO, AFI RUS LLC

Evgeny Potashnikov is the First Deputy Chief Executive Officer at AFI RUS LLC.

In this role, he is responsible for the Company's relationships with government authorities and for pre-development approval processes.

Evgeny Potashnikov has been with AFI Development group of companies since 2005, when he was appointed the Head of construction and later, in 2006, promoted to the position of Head of the project.

Since 2008, Evgeny Potashnikov has been holding the position of Technical Director.

Mr. Potashnikov graduated from Tashkent Institute of Railway Transport Engineers with a diploma in industrial and civil construction in 1978. After graduation and completion of military service, Evgeny Potashnikov held managing positions in different divisions of the Ministry of Railways.

From 1991 till 2004, he worked in construction companies and held the position of Deputy Chief Engineer in the Mayor's office of Ar'ara Ba-Negev, Israel.

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